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I am sitting here trying to figure out what to say about my week. I’m stumped and feeling a bit uninspired. At least sitting here typing, hitting delete, rearranging sentences, and just thinking is keeping me from mindlessly stuffing goldfish crackers in my mouth. It’s been a problem lately; nighttime eating that never really fills me up.

Where does it come from? I identified a long time ago that I sometimes eat emotionally, and that emotion is almost always… boredom. Or maybe it’s anxiety. I find slowly working my way through a box of crackers relaxing. It’s silly, really.

Maybe it’s all the little stresses of life adding up. Today was typical: I worked a half day because I had an appointment with Little Guy’s preschool. He’s a spirited kid, and challenges his teacher on a reasonably (or in their opinion, unreasonably) regular basis. The school has asked that we sit down with a small team of specialists to help come up some ideas to help him along.

As I was getting ready to leave work for the appointment, H’s school called and said she was in the nurse’s office complaining that she was going to throw up. Sooo, I had to pick her up on the way to daycare but I can’t take a sick kid in there so Daddo had to leave work to come meet me to take her while I went to the meeting. (Honestly I don’t know how single parents or those who have more than two kids do it!)

After the meeting (which was thankfully uneventful), I took Little Guy to pick up H from Daddo’s office and headed home. Phew. I worked out (yay!), and then H said she felt good enough to go to her school band concert tonight. Rush to get ready, drive to school, concert and dinner, come home, and open the mail to find that for the second time in three years I’ve been summoned for jury duty. Ugh.

Really, it’s all just little stuff. But it’s no wonder a box of goldfish can feel like my best friend by the end of the day.

So, I sit and write. And then I’ll watch American Idol before heading to bed. Tomorrow is a new day.