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In an act of spontaneity, B and I have signed up for a spring half-marathon! We were already planning to be in NYC that weekend to visit our VT neighbors in their city digs, and they asked if we wanted to run. It is fun to have something to look forward to, and it’ll keep me motivated for the next few months!


I’m planning on creating a hybrid training program blending Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 and Intermediate schedules. I feel like a little speedwork would be good, but I don’t really want to risk injury by doing too much. And I honestly don’t really care about my time, except that I would like to average 10 minute miles. Basically, I want to run at a comfortable pace and enjoy myself. I’ve been to NYC only twice — once when I was 11, and again when I was pregnant with Lovely H, 9 years ago. Looking forward to it!

It was a good week this week, in spite of how ridiculously frigid it was. I am back to logging everything I eat and as always, it is eye-opening and keeps me from kidding myself about what I can or can’t get away with. I only want to lose about 5 lbs, so I’m not being super rigid, but I do need to keep myself accountable. We celebrated Nana’s birthday on Thursday night, and then last night I overindulged at bit… so this weekend I am planning to get plenty of exercise and to continue logging what I eat.

Have a great weekend! Have you planned anything to challenge yourself in this new year?