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It’s been about a month since my last post… the explanation for which could be posted under the title “Why I dislike December”. In the past few years, I have found the holiday season can either be a peaceful time to relax with family and friends, or, as it was this year, a frenetic, stressful bundle of events that leaves me feeling wrung out. Don’t get me wrong, the “stressful bundle of events” was technically all good stuff, but when planning it last summer, I wasn’t really factoring in the holidays at all.

In November, I went for a short work trip to Marrakech, which was great but all of the follow up made work much busier than it normally is at this time of year. When I came home, I got a new (very used) car and realized that it needed a good deal of work, which added unexpected transportation challenges to a busy time of year. Thanksgiving happened, and then I realized how short the time was until Christmas. With two little ones in the house, there is Santa to contend with, plus coordinating with extended family about gifts. The hyper-consumer holiday that Christmas has become really just doesn’t sit well with me. Then, the day after Christmas, Daddo and I went on a short ski break to a place in British Columbia called Mustang Powder. Ultimately, it was a magical three days, but with high avalanche danger the pre-trip feelings weren’t so much excitement as dread. In the end, we all stuck to skiing in the trees and it really was quite safe and a ton of fun. Coming home, we had more car problems. Daddo’s van was literally frozen to the driveway from all the ice we’ve gotten lately!

So, suffice it to say, I was happy to welcome 2014. To have a stretch of time ahead of me with no particular plans or unusual responsibilities feels amazing. If the weather ever straightens out, we have plenty of family cross-country and downhill ski outings planned. I am beginning to think about skiing in the Stowe Derby with some friends, which is a legendary local cross-country ski race that I haven’t done in years. And I’ll now have time to think about setting some goals for the coming year. And that is why I love January.