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Ugh. During these past few months my talent for denial has kicked in big time. Truth be told, it always happens this time of year; it is a time of indulgence, busy-ness, and too many baked goods. The result is that since August, somehow I have gained 8 pounds. 8 pounds! Which is fine, so long as I can get the scale moving back the other way. I felt great last summer, and I don’t want to let that go.

I thought I was ready for this blog to move on from health, weight loss, and fitness to loftier, less mundane subjects like finding balance in life. But I, like so many others, find putting my food issues into words helps me get to the root of the problem and gives me the strength to find a solution. It’s like therapy, without a bill.

So why has the scale been creeping up?

It’s not due to lack of exercise. True, I’ve been a little busier the past several weeks and on some days I just haven’t gotten a workout in. But I think I am still getting close to a solid hour at least 5 days a week.

I definitely have been drinking more wine and beer as the holidays approach. This week I decided not to drink at all for three nights, and I thought I would see that reflected on the scale. Apparently I more than made up for any calorie savings with Fig Newtons, because the scale was up again this morning. Still, not drinking has lots of other benefits, like sleeping better. So I will try more or less to not drink during the week.

I DEFINITELY have been eating carelessly. That is what it really comes down to, always. Mindless nighttime snacking is the biggest problem for me. Last night I headed to the pantry at least five times, grabbing my son’s Fig Newtons in groups of three. That’s 15 Fig Newtons, and I don’t really even like them that much! That’s just one example of many. I won’t bore you with the others.

So, I know I sound like a broken record, but once again, I am climbing back on the weight loss wagon. Tracking everything, getting plenty of exercise, no nighttime snacking, and less drinking.

So simple; so why is it so hard?!