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So, two weeks have gone by since I renewed my commitment to maintaining the weight loss I fought so hard for earlier this year. Over the past two weeks I have lost 3 of the 7 lbs that have crept on during the past few months. I consider that success, but I am facing another challenge…

Tomorrow I leave for a week in Marrakech, Morocco! I am so excited to feel the warm air, see the desert sun, explore the bustling souks, and meet some of experiential travel’s most influential people at the annual PURE conference. This is a conference our company has been invited to for the past few years, and this year it is my turn to go. Sure, I’ll spend three long days in meetings, but the evenings will be full of fun networking, and I have a full afternoon on my own when I arrive.

Plus, as a bonus, the new Deepak Chopra 21-day meditation challenge “Desire & Destiny” begins on Monday. If you haven’t tried one of these short, daily guided meditation series yet, give it a try! Deepak’s voice is like warm caramel, and if I can absorb 1/10th of his wisdom, I will be a better person for it.

The challenge, of course, over the next week will be finding time to exercise, and keeping the eating and drinking reasonable. I am determined to do it, and will cram in a Bob Harper Super Strength this morning before work, and a short run tomorrow before I head to the airport.

I’ll try to check in from Marrakech… have a great week!