This was a crazy busy week, capped off by hosting the 1st Annual “Run the Loop” Mud City 10k on Saturday. It is an event our local running friends have talked about for years, and we finally pulled it off yesterday!


Getting ready to set out the mile markers…

We lucked out with the weather; after waking up at 5 a.m. to a torrential downpour, the skies more or less cleared, and it wasn’t too hot. An ideal morning for a run.

There were just 17 of us who raced and it was a great blend of people, including our old friend Max, a local running legend, who showed up to cheer us on. We talked him into throwing on his running gear, and he set the course record: 41:57. Averaging about 6:30 miles on this hilly course is pretty impressive, and I suspect that record will stand for a few years (unless Max shows up again next year!).

Our friend Chuck was the Master of Ceremonies, from the pre-race meeting (“don’t get run over, don’t run anybody over, no argey-bargey!!”), to the shotgun start.

...and I do mean shotgun start.

…and I do mean shotgun start.

Off we went, the field quickly spreading out with the first big hill 1/2 mile into the race.

Looking back down Hill #1.

Looking back down Hill #1.

The course is one of my favorite runs. All dirt except for about 0.1 miles, it starts with two big hills in the first two miles, then rolls and descends allowing for nice fast splits. And it’s really pretty…


In the end, Daddo took 2nd place in 47:09, and I made my goal of beating an hour, taking 3rd for the women in a time of 56:54. That’s a PR for me of almost 5 minutes on this course, so I was happy. My right IT band? Not so happy. It started to tighten up about 3 miles in, and I am paying today. Fortunately my next event isn’t until Sept 21, and I’ll be able to train with hiking, biking, and strength training. Time for a break from running for me!

I’ve also taken a break from food tracking. This week was just too busy, and I was starting to slip anyway, tracking until dinner time and then getting lazy. The ultimate goal, of course, is to be able to maintain my weight loss, and it isn’t reasonable to think I’ll keep a food journal for the rest of my life. Like my IT band, it needs a rest now and then. I’ll pick it back up tomorrow, so I can keep myself in line for the next two weeks before we go on our family vacation at the beach.

I am also starting a new Deepak Chopra 21-day meditation challenge tomorrow. For anyone looking for some guidance on meditation, I highly recommend this free challenge.

Have a great week!