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Are you kidding me?? I went away with my girlfriends. Who counts calories on a trip like that? Even if I eat well, the cocktails will get me!! I think my girlfriends might have had an intervention if they saw me tracking “Lunch”: vodka & lemonade, bagel with cream cheese and avocado, handful of trail mix… you get the idea.

However, I didn’t go quite as overboard on this little getaway as I usually do. I snacked on snap peas on the beach, because I LIKE THEM. I had an apple or two a day. I ate Greek yogurt and hard-boiled eggs for protein. Without even thinking that hard about it!


About 4.5 hours…

  • 30 min walking
  • 120 min running
  • 30 min WOD (can’t remember what… it was last Thursday!)
  • 40 min Bob Harper Totally Ripped Core DVD.
  • 45 min Bob Harper Super Strength DVD. Couldn’t drag myself out of bed the day after vacation early enough to get the whole thing in, but as Bob says, “If you don’t have time to do the whole thing, do half. Trust me, it’ll be plenty!”

I didn’t think I did much in the past week, but that is not half bad, considering I took two days off completely.


Change since last week: -0.4
Amount lost so far: 23 lbs

Wow, I was actually a little scared to get on the scale today after my vacation. But I am  back to my maintenance weight zone. I still feel a little worked from all the fun I had, but a few more days of clean eating, and plenty of water and rest, and I should be back in form. Our first annual Mud City Loop 10K is next weekend!