I mentioned in a recent post that my life sometimes feels segmented, and that the family segment can end up getting short shrift. Yesterday, after a great, long holiday weekend, I was home alone with the kids on my usual summer Mondays-off routine.

It was a wonderful day.

The weather didn’t look great, so there was no pressure to go out and do something special, like a hike or a beach day. We’d been out a little late the night before, and so the kids slept in a bit, which meant I actually got to have coffee in bed. That is so rare I actually took a picture of it the last time it happened. It was probably Mother’s Day.

The only thing I had on the agenda was to get to the library so Lovely H could pick out some summer reading. She was a little resistant, but in the end was super excited to have found the Secret Garden series available.

Little Dude's look is due to having it explained that libraries are quiet places. He doesn't trust anything where he is expected to behave. :)

Little Dude’s expression is due to being told that libraries are meant to be quiet places. He doesn’t trust anything where he is expected to behave. Note the sleeveless shirt. We now have two of those; it is his favorite look, sometimes with a headband. He thinks he looks like Tony Horton. We think he looks more like Michael Flatley.       :-/ 

After the library we went grocery shopping. This is generally something I try to avoid at all costs. I know plenty of moms who shop with their kids regularly, but not me. That’s what Daddo is for. Anyway, we were in no rush so the kids took a few moments to check their blood pressure. They love the feeling of the squeezy blood pressure cuff. Honestly, I totally get it.


We went home and had lunch, and then I did the Bob Harper Super Strength DVD. Side note: I suggested it to Sharon over at Mimi Getting Fit and she ordered it. Please don’t hate me — it’s a killer! While I worked out, the kids played independently… no arguing. Really?!? I took a picture and sent it to Daddo just so he could see. It was awesome…


We then made some delicious, relatively healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread:


Lovely H spent much of the afternoon reading her new books (hurray!), and working on MathSplash, a teacher recommended app that keeps kids practicing math over the summer. Daddo came home and I snuck out for a 30 minute run. We had turkey burgers for dinner and it was actually nice enough to sit on the deck for the first time all summer. All in all, it was a great day.