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I’ve been getting a little manipulative with the scale lately, and I had a funny experience this morning.

For months, I have been posting “Tuesday Tallys”… weekly weigh-ins to keep me accountable for my eating and exercise habits. A few weeks ago I noticed one of my LoseIt friends was weighing in on Thursdays instead. She explained it gave her time to recover from weekend indulgences and weigh in after a few days of being “good” (yes, I recognize that’s a little messed up in itself, but that’s for another post).

Anywho, I decided to jump on the Thursday bandwagon. It is summer after all, with weekend BBQs, etc. Being at my goal weight and shifting into maintenance mode, I figured weighing on Thursdays would also give me my best chance of seeing a happy number on the scale.

But this morning, I decided to weigh in a day early. We are going to a 4th of July party this afternoon and I just know tomorrow morning the scale won’t be happy with me. So I jumped on the scale, and was glad I did. I’ve had a good week and the results show it. So what if I was weighing in a day early, on a Wednesday, right? Except, ahem, it is Thursday.

The moral being, of course, it is not really worth trying to manipulate the scale, and I recognize that someday, I will need to declare MY independence day from numbers that really don’t mean all that much. But I haven’t figured out yet how to do that without sliding back into bad habits, so for now, my dependence will happily continue. 🙂

On another subject entirely, I love this picture of Little Guy… he was playing with sparklers, obviously having a ball, and I love the Haley’s Comet spark hanging out over his head, like a guardian angel…

Have a happy 4th!

Have a happy 4th!