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I live my life in segments, constantly shifting gears. Right now as I type this I am relaxed. It is early morning and I am taking a bit of time before heading to the track for my last speed workout before the 8 miler in less than two weeks.

Back to my segmented life: even the header on my blog illustrates what I am talking about. Family | Fitness | Calm | Health, each in its own container and separate from each other. It is the Family part that has been challenging to do well lately. I’ve turned into a bit of a narcissist these past months with my focus on losing weight, training for the triathlon, and now training for my next race.

Yesterday, though, I had a good day with the kids. Daddo was working, and I stay home with them one day a week during the summers. Lately a number of small issues have cropped up with Little Guy’s daycare situation, so I started to look for a new pre-school for him. I absolutely love this place, and I think Little Guy will too. The three of us went to spend some time there yesterday, and he’ll start with a full day tomorrow:

Hanging out in Little Guy's new classroom.

Hanging out in Little Guy’s new classroom.

Testing with swings. Approved :)

Testing the swings. Approved! 🙂

We then headed to the lumber store and picked up some supplies to build a secure outdoor run for Squeaky. If it ever stops raining, I think he’ll enjoy being able to stay outdoors safely all day. The kids enjoyed “helping”:


I also managed to squeeze in a Bob Harper workout (Super Strength — highly recommended!), ate healthy all day AND managed to feed the kids reasonably well (such a challenge lately).

All in all, it was a good day, and a good example of “blender parenting”… cramming in some necessary stuff, some fun, lots of time together, and hitting the blend button. You never really know what the result will be, but it is usually some combination of chaos, exhaustion (for me, anyway!), and satisfaction that our family is building shared memories.