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Those of you who read my blog have probably noticed my posts have tapered off in recent weeks. Then again, maybe you haven’t, as I suspect is more typical here in the blogosphere! I don’t have the stats, but I am sure the attrition rate is high, and not many notice when someone just stops posting…

Anyway, I started this blog because I was inspired by reading others’ stories about losing weight, keeping it off, and tapping into their inner athlete. This blog has helped me lose 20+ lbs since February and motivated me to train hard for a triathlon. In short, it has done its duty, and I am so grateful for the support and the shared thoughts of those who are on similar journeys.

But I cannot think of much to write about these days. And I think I know why: I am terrified that the moment I take my eye off of the weight/fitness issue and start to address other things in my life, the weight will start to creep back on. I still have so much work to do to find the right balance of healthy diet vs indulgence, fitness vs relaxation, focus on me vs attention to my family. After all, this blog is really supposed to be about balance.

I keep getting hung up on the enormity of those issues. So I will take little steps, and keep moving forward.