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Whoops! I started this with last week’s entry…. now updated!


Days at or near my calorie goal: 3/7.
Calories over/(under) my weekly budget: 1,397.

I’ll be honest the last week I have had trouble motivating to log everything. For days when I end up just eating with abandon, I estimate my intake which I know is a terrible idea! Goal for next week: Log everything, which won’t be easy because we have Daddo’s company picnic tonight, and we are going to CT and RI beaches this weekend for a little summer weather (we hope!)


Okay, here is where I have been KILLING it! I am definitely in the best shape I have been in for the past 10 years or more.

About 5.3 hours (175 min running; 60 min Bob Harper Ultimate Cardio Body; 55 min Bob Harper Super Strength DVD; 30 min weightlifting).


Change since last Week: -.4 lb
Amount lost so far: 22.4 lbs

I am very happy with how my running is coming along, although I am feeling some familiar tension in my legs from overuse. Hopefully I am just taking it to that fine line between improvement and injury…. and not further. This is a step back week in my training program for July’s 8-miler, which is a good thing. After the eight miler I am going to start getting serious about training for the Spartan Beast in September. Hopefully some crossfit, if I can find something nearby.

Life is hard to keep up with these days! The end of the school year and the schedule changes that brings are always a challenge. Plus with Little Guy’s birthday, my birthday, Father’s day, and the return of our summer neighbors – oy! – it is a little tough to stay focused, and much less to blog. I will try to keep in better touch in the coming weeks as we settle in to summer.