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It’s early.

I am drinking my coffee (thank goodness for coffee) at a little after 5:30, and heading out the door shortly for my weekly speed workout. It would be so easy to blow this off, but I don’t want to. I am committed to properly training for the 8-miler in mid-July. I want to try to run sub 1:12 (9 minute mile pace). Honestly I don’t know if I will be able to. But here is what I do know: I definitely won’t be able to if I don’t do my homework.

This morning I will drive to the local track, warm up, and do 6 x 800 meter repeats at a roughly 8:30/mile pace. Looking at my day today, the only time to fit it in is between 6-7 a.m. I know a lot of people who consider that time a non-starter. Luckily I am a morning person!