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On the whole, the past week has been really positive! I have been settling in to the Hal Higdon training program for the Stowe 8-miler in July and KT has been a great Saturday running buddy.
Lucky to live in a place with such beautiful runs!

Lucky to live in a place with such beautiful runs!

I got my garden in as well. We have terrible soil so over the years we have built some raised beds, which are great for lettuce and snap peas… and not much else. I used to think I had a green thumb but I think it’s just that our old apartment was on valley land with amazing soil. Anyway, my big disappointment each summer here in the mountains of Vermont is having to pick unripened tomatoes off the plants before the first frost. But I talked to my neighbors and they just plant their tomatoes right next to their house, which bumps up the heat and protects them from cool night breezes. I did the same this year and am hoping for great results!

C'mon tomatoes, I'm rooting for you!

C’mon tomatoes, I’m rooting for you!

Okay, without further ado, the numbers:


Days at or near my calorie goal: 5/7
Calories over/(under) my weekly budget: 1403


About 5.25 hours (55 min weightlifting; 155 min run; 50 min biking; 55 minute Bob Harper Super Strength DVD).


Change since last Week: -0.6 lb
Amount lost so far: 23.6 lbs

Maintenance, maintenance. I am in the groove. I am not fixated on losing more, but I am trying to make the best possible choices (with some not so great choices thrown in :-/) and still tracking everything I eat. I honestly am not sure I could ever manage to maintain without tracking. I just need that reality check because denial is strong in me! But tracking is fine with technology today… I really don’t mind at all.

More on my running training soon… have a great day!