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I’ve said it before: shifting my mind into weight maintenance mode is going to be challenging. Having made my goal weight last week, my LoseIt app bumped me up to a “maintenance” level of calories. After 4+ months of carefully tracking everything I eat and drink, and having to make strategic choices about what I eat in order to not feel like I am starving while I lose weight, it feels really liberating — and a little scary. So I told myself, “you don’t have to eat as much as the app allows; just ease into it slowly”.

But here’s the reality: Little Guy had his 4th birthday party this weekend.

Happy brr-day, Little Guy!

Happy brr-day, Little Guy!

My attitude about my kids’ birthdays is that on the anniversary of the day I brought a new person into the world, I am NOT saying no to cake and ice cream, guacamole, goldfish crackers, and whatever else might be around for the party. So that was Saturday, which morphed into Saturday evening and plenty of wine with the neighbors. In the end I just guessed that I consumed about 2,000 calories in the latter half of the day.

Yesterday was another big party. KT and I started the day with an 8 mile run, which thankfully bought me a considerable amount of indulgence later in the day. But probably not enough! The food at the party was great, and I munched away for more or less the entire time we were there. Then I came home and had another little piece of Little Guy’s cake. Ugh.

I am not giving up. I am not going to let insidious old habits work their way into my life. Thinking over this last week – my first attempt at maintenance – I realize that it is the snacking that will sabotage me. What I should do is keep eating the way I have been, with slightly larger portions. But what I have actually done is stayed in diet mode for meals, and then filled in with junk — crackers, popcorn, ice cream. Next week I will eliminate the junk and just allow myself larger portions of the good stuff.

Here’s the positive:

I worked out Saturday. I ran 8 miles on Sunday. Today the weather has changed from DISMAL to lovely — Memorial Day will be sunny and warm here in VT. Today I will exercise, garden, and enjoy time with my family. It’s all good.

Welcome back, Sunshine!

Welcome back, Sunshine!