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Last week in preparation for my triathlon I was really good about not drinking much alcohol, eating healthy, clean foods, and getting plenty of rest. Not only did it pay off in the race, but it seems to have paid off on the scale.


Days at or near my calorie goal: 2/7.
Calories over/(under) my weekly budget: 1426+.

Saturday, the day before the race, I didn’t even track what I ate, so I know I exceeded my calorie budget by a lot. Big bowls of pasta, tortilla chips, etc. etc. But I didn’t think it was wise to send my body into a challenging race in “diet” mode.


About 4.2 hours (25 min cross-fit “Angie”; 30 min walking; 55 min run; 30 min biking; 30 Wii Just Dance (yes, it counts!!); 80 min Triathlon!).


Change since last Week: -1.6 lb
Amount lost so far: 23 lbs (!)

So, I have now reached my secondary weight loss goal. As I have said before, I am pretty satisfied with where I am. I would also be happy to lose another 5-10 lbs but at this point I don’t feel the need to “diet” to get there. If that weight loss happens as a result of healthy eating habits, plenty of exercise, and not drinking too much — terrific! — but if it doesn’t, that’s okay too. There is no ideal number, but I do strongly believe there is an ideal state of mind when it comes to health.

I have known all along that the biggest challenge I face is not losing the weight, but maintaining this new me. For those in the starting stages of contemplating trying to lose weight, let me tell you this — losing weight is immensely gratifying. Yes, getting into a new eating and exercise routine is tough (and can feel nearly impossible depending on who you are surrounded by in your day-to-day life), but trust me, once you get on a roll, the rewards of feeling your clothes fit differently, having friends and family start to notice, and feeling how much better your body functions when you take good care of yourself makes every ounce of effort worthwhile. At least it did for me.

But now I am settling in to the new me. My friends and family are used to the weight loss — it no longer amazes them. I have bought new clothes that fit properly so I don’t actually get that “loose jeans” feeling. I’ll be honest, over the last couple of weeks, it was starting to feel a little hard to keep my head in the game.

And that is where goals come in. Having the triathlon goal kept me on the rails. It was such a rewarding experience that it has renewed my commitment to health. This week I am much more focused on eating well again. My next fitness goal is the Stowe 8-miler in mid-July. Tomorrow I am jumping into Week 3 of a Hal Higdon intermediate training program. My goal is to run the 8-miler at roughly 9 minute miles, or sub 1:12 for the race. That ought to keep me focused!