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Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and as far as diet goes, I sort of treated it like Christmas, Halloween, and my birthday all rolled into one! Being the early riser in our house, I had my morning coffee and then did some yoga. I have a Bryan Kest DVD I love, even if he is a little bit of a goon…


Then I was ordered back to bed so I could be served my annual Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed. It was delish — a big blueberry pancake with our homemade maple syrup, and a little sweet red pepper and onion omelette. Very nice.

I then met my friend KT for a bike ride. We did a nice 20 miles on one of my favorite loops. Super scenic, even if it is a little hilly. My legs were feeling it after this beautiful 6+ mile run on Saturday…


After the ride, I went to Lovely H’s soccer game. Her team lost but she doesn’t really seem to mind:


She’s going to be someone to contend with on the field in a few years. We went home and had lunch with Nana. I was ravenous and just dug in — bistro soup, chicken salad, awesome multi-grain bread and – ahem – a glass or two of wine, and I was fully into leisure mode. Little guy was being goofy out by the garden. Goofy is his favorite mood:


Later, he went to Nana’s for a sleepover, and Lovely H and I headed to the Bees Knees for a little dinner. Came home, munched away the evening with popcorn and chocolate chips while watching Survivor, and got to bed late. I am feeling the overindulgence in everything today, but my plan for the week is to eat really clean, not drink any alcohol, get plenty of sleep, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I’ve done the physical training for the triathlon, and now I need to focus on a few final preparations in order to be ready for it. Hitting the reset button this week will help!