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I could get used to this. Mid-70s temps, light breezes, lots of sunshine. It’s been a great stretch of weather here in Vermont and we are making the most of it!

Yesterday I got out for my first outdoor road ride of the season with my two best friends, Daddo and KT.


Daddo adjusting his helmet. 

This is the same crew I did my first road ride of the year with last spring, and I can’t tell you how different it feels to not be hauling around an extra 20+ lbs on the bike! The hills just didn’t feel that much like hills. I still have a ways to go to get into the kind of biking shape I’d like to be in, but it was great to feel my body respond pedaling up the hills, instead of grinding away in the lowest possible gear.

We did an out-and-back ride on a quiet road where we can ride next to each other and chat most of the time. We stopped and enjoyed the light green spring leaves and some cows, who seemed just as happy as we are that spring is here…


Today I am going to “run the loop”… our 10k super hilly road that we live on. I am hoping KT will join me. Then a soccer game for Lovely H, and lunch with Oma – maybe some chicken fajitas on the grill for Cinco de Mayo.

Should be another great day!