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After just about stalling out the third week in April due to a slew of birthday parties and the end of ski season, I got back on track last week. Four days in a row of no alcohol, plenty of exercise, and eating clean, and I am back on track!


Days at or near my calorie goal: 6/7 (yay!)
Calories over/(under) my weekly budget: 272. It really is easy when you don’t waste needless calories on drinking!


About 5 hours (25 min Cross-Fit “Angie”; 20 min swimming; 135 min run; 30 min biking; 30 min weightlifting; 55 minute Bob Harper DVD).


Change since last Week: -2.4 lb
Amount lost so far: 22.6 lbs

I cannot complain. But yesterday I did make some choices that were not ideal. I felt munchy all day at work. It was a sort of stressful, blah day and I just want to eat to soothe myself. Luckily all I had were the healthy options I brought with me! But when I got home there was a bag of Veggie Booty on the counter and I just started munching and before I knew it, I had eaten the whole bag. Okay, it’s not the end of the world, and it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten so brainlessly (and I don’t really even like Veggie Booty!!).

But it was a bit of a wakeup call to help me recognize that I haven’t really come up with solid strategies (besides eating), to make me feel better when the going gets a little tough.

I feel like the scale gave me a pass (thank you!), and today is a new day when I have the opportunity to make better choices. And I will.