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In Vermont, we don’t always get a spring. While I see blog posts with lovely flowering trees and read statements like “it’s getting too hot to run outside”, we sometimes still have snow on the ground. My brother lives in Oregon and starts talking about what is coming up in his garden in FEBRUARY. There are some years when we have winter, mud season, bug season, early fall, late fall, and winter again.

Not this year. This weekend was The Ideal Vermont Spring Weekend. Plenty of sun, totally pleasant temperatures, and no bugs (yet). As I mentioned yesterday, my triathlon training called for two good runs, and I made the most of it! I started with great run with a friend yesterday. I do not see her enough, and she’s just enough faster than me that it was a great challenge to keep up with her. Today, I ran with Little H leading the way on her new mountain bike…


Came home, washed windows and put the screens back in the windows, and had time to sample a few new books on my new Kindle (so happy to have this!). But I am really posting this picture because, that’s right, it’s flip-flop season!


It was one of those idyllic afternoons where the kids got along (mostly) well, and didn’t do anything too crazy. Unfortunately Squeaky did get the sopping wet end of the hose at the hands of Little Guy, but it was nothing a nice cozy towel couldn’t cure.

Daddo and I even had time for a nice cold drink on the deck.


Welcome back, summertime. I’ve missed you!