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I mentioned the other day that I have a funny story about my running shoes. I tend to get a new pair of running shoes and keep my old ones around for yardwork and other times when I just need an old pair of sneakers. But the last time I bought running shoes, I decided to give the minimalist thing a try, and bought the Merrell Pace Gloves:


After much adjustment to a new stride and way thinking about the role of the running shoe (which I will cover in another entry soon), I am very happy to have made this switch.

That said, I had two pairs of identical, old Sauconys in my closet that I still might throw on for yardwork from time to time, but I only needed one. I am one of those people who hates having more stuff in my life than necessary. I am constantly having dreams about finding extra space in our house. I think it is very zen to just want open space surrounding you; Daddo thinks it is short-sighted (“we might need those broken cross-country ski poles again some day…”).

So, I examined my shoes and found the pair that was most damaged, and pitched them. A week or two later (definitely AFTER the garbage man came), I pulled out my old sneaks to do some spring cleanup. Here is what I found:


Two left shoes.

There is a lesson here, I am sure, about not moving too quickly to get rid of things you may someday need. But I am choosing instead to look at the bright side… now there four fewer shoes cluttering in my closet!