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Going to have to make this quick… this week is flying by.

The past week was full of friends’ birthdays, the end of ski season (always a party or two to be found), a busy week at work, and the list goes on. Having made my goal for weight loss last week, I had a decidedly laid back attitude about pretty much everything. All that said, here are my weekly tallys:


Days at or near my calorie goal: 0/7 (nada, nil, zilch)
Calories over/(under) my weekly budget: Ahem… 3332. But I did log EVERYTHING! Basically, if you think about it, this is about a pound’s worth of calories. So I figured all things considered, I’d be about even for the week.


5.75 hours (50 min hiking (skinning up the mtn.); 50 min 2xCross-Fit “Angie”; 15 min swimming; 60 min run; 120 min biking; 10 min weightlifting; 40 minute Bob Harper DVD).

Wow, that’s a lot of exercise and I did take a full day off! But that is probably what explains this….


Change since last Week: -0.4 lb
Amount lost so far: 20.2 lbs

When I made my “goal” weight, I adjusted LoseIt to a new goal weight…. just a few more pounds to give me a cushion so that I can have a 5 pound range I will be happy with. But I was finding it too restrictive (note caloric excess above!). So while I still have the same goal to lose those extra few pounds, I have asked it to slow down the rate. I can be quite happy with very slow progress, so long as it is sustainable. I feel like this is really Step 1 to a maintenance plan I can really live with. Woohoo!