I am not a shopper. I honestly don’t understand how people can spend a Saturday wandering the hallways of the local mall going from shop to shop. When I need some article of clothing — a new top for a special event, a pair of jeans to replace a pair that is worn out — you can find me blazing through the aisles of Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, throwing anything even remotely possible in my cart, and then doing a marathon try-on session before finally going home with perhaps 2-3 pieces. I do this for perhaps an hour, no more than two or three times a year.

But I am now in the position where pretty much every pair of pants I have is at least a size or two too big. And many of my casual tops are just plain worn out. So yesterday, armed with printed coupons for the Loft and Banana Republic, I went to our downtown mall. It has been years since I’ve been there and just wandering around looking for the right stores exhausted me. Not physically, but mentally. I finally found the Loft, and, thank goodness, found a lot of things I liked. I never even made it to Banana Republic.

I sure hope stripes are in this year!

I sure hope stripes are in this year!

Notice I came home with 1 pair of capris and about 8 tops. This is why I have sometimes joked I need a personal shopper. I have friends who are really good at this.  Note to self: NO MORE TOPS THIS YEAR! I still need one or two more pairs of jeans, but with spring coming (it IS coming, right??), I guess there isn’t a major rush.

But the really big moment for me is not getting new clothes in smaller sizes, but preparing to donate or pitch my larger sizes. I’m nervous to do it because it means I really can’t go back to that larger size… hmm. This weekend I plan to start by going through and putting anything that really doesn’t fit anymore in a giveaway box. I am hoping that in the coming weeks I will get more comfortable in my new size, and let those old sizes go. But really, why am I hesitating?