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Okay I normally weigh in on Tuesdays, but tonight Daddo and I are leaving the kids with Nana so we can go out to a nice dinner to celebrate his birthday (which is actually tomorrow). I have been hovering so close to my weight loss goal that I figured there is no harm in weighing in early. I was so pleasantly surprised!

So, here is my last week in numbers:


Days at or near my calorie goal: 4/7 (three days were comfortably under, and 4 days were comfortably over… it’s all about balance, right?)
Calories over/(under) my weekly budget: 607


4 hours (55 min Bob Harper DVD; 50 min Spin; 110 min running; 25 min swim)… and today I will do a strength workout.


Change since last Week: -2.2 lb
Amount to goal weight: GOAL ACHIEVED!!
Amount lost so far: 19.8 lbs

So, I have said this before… I don’t feel “done”. My LoseIt App immediately rewarded me this morning with the “goal achieved” badge (a mediocre girl scout as a child, I am now a sucker for earning badges! :)). It also immediately bumped me into weight maintenance mode, giving me what seems like an incredible calorie limit for each day. I feel like I need a bit more of a cushion to work with, so, I adjusted my goal to lose about 3 more lbs.

But, I think that I really am just nervous about maintaining. I still have a lot to learn about how to look at food as fuel and not some sort of emotional crutch. I feel like I need to keep my head in weight loss mode until I really have a plan for maintaining, which is the next step on this journey.

Are you in maintenance mode? If so, what tools to you use to stay in your ideal weight zone?