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Wow, training for a triathlon is time consuming! When I posted my training program for the May 19th Swimming Hole Triathlon a few weeks back, it looked really pretty simple to me. I already get to the gym a few times a week, so what difference would it make to work in a little swimming here and there, and add in a few new types of workouts?

Well, it’s harder than I thought. So, now the training program looks like this:

Adapting to reality.

Adapting to reality.

I’ve already had to make a lot of changes along the way to fit this training into my busy life. Still, I sometimes feel like I am asking too much of my family. I’ve been thinking, isn’t training for a triathlon, when the best you can hope to do is middle of the pack, an exercise in selfishness and vanity? I mean, I could keep up a nice level of fitness without all the regimentation of a training program.

But then I start to think about goals. I set this triathlon as a goal when I started losing weight, and even though I no longer need it, I am still excited about doing it and trying to compete. It is for me, and along with this blog, it is one of the few things I do just for me.

And I even hope it will have benefits for our family. I hope that my kids will see their mom doing healthy activities and having fun competing, and see those possibilities for their own lives. Perhaps, when you look at it in this light, being a little bit selfish can be a good thing?