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Tuesday Tally

So, lest this blog become an obsessive discussion about losing the last 6 ounces of weight, or 5 lbs, or whatever it ends up being, I was thinking now each Tuesday would be a good time to check in and review not only my weight, but some other important numbers from the past 7 days. So, here are the new and improved Tuesday Tallys:


Days at or near my calorie goal: 6/7 (Saturday was a blowout, oh well!)
Calories over/(under) my weekly budget: 743


5 hours (10 min elliptical; 45 min Bob Harper DVD; 60 min Spin; 80 min running; 50 min yoga; 40 min strength; 15 min swim)

And last but not least, weight:

Change since last Week: -0.8 lb
Amount to goal weight: 0.4 lbs
Amount lost so far: 17.6 lbs

There you have it!