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I am so close to my weight loss goal that I couldn’t help myself yesterday, and I hopped on the scale to sneak a peak. In one of those funny weird weight fluctuations (the exact reason I DON’T weigh myself daily), my weight is actually below my goal. Only by about 1/2 a pound… but I am there. Part of me wants to stand on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf under a banner that says “Mission Accomplished”, but that would be almost as short-sighted as a certain recent President who did the same thing. I know that realistically, this battle for lasting health has only just begun.

That’s not to say I’m not totally psyched. I absolutely am. I feel like I have given myself a new lease on life. No, losing the extra weight I was carrying has not cured me of all my problems. I still feel plenty of stress. I still lose my patience from time to time. But, having extra weight is no longer one of my problems.

So, I’m thinking it is time for my focus to widen. I will still be watching my diet and trying to push out empty non-foods with healthy, real foods. I will still be hitting the roads, pool, and gym to get ready for my triathlon. But I am thinking my next focus will be tackling the stress issues that plague me, sometimes more than others. Wish me luck!