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Tuesday Tally

Today is weigh-in day, so here are the my Tuesday Tallys:

Change since last Tuesday: -.6 lb

Amount to goal weight: 1.2 lbs

Amount lost so far: 16.8 lbs

Weeks to Goal: 7

Average loss per week to achieve goal: -.17 lbs

Hmm. I think it is so interesting how my thought process changes as I get closer to a goal. I have become considerably more relaxed about what I am doing and eating. At the same time, as the weight loss slows, I feel this last 1.2 lbs (I know, just a number…) may be as challenging to lose as the first 16!

I know exactly why the pace was slow this week. We had friends around this weekend, and of course I enjoyed a bit of Easter chocolate and a couple of glasses of wine. I also started to go for a run on Sunday and had a strange pain in my ankle. I decided to do the sensible thing and just stop… I’ve run my way into injury before and don’t want to do it again!

This week looks like it may be as challenging as the last in terms of moving the scale, with another old friend visiting tonight, my mom coming tomorrow to fill us in on her recent trip to Costa Rica, and a weekend of spring skiing fun.

All in all, I am happy to see any loss on the scale this week, and as long as it keeps moving in the right direction, I can be patient.