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A few months ago, Nana took the kids to Agway, where a local farmer was selling her rabbits. Nana knew better than to come home with a rabbit, but the Lovely H has not let up on begging for a bunny ever since.

Fast forward to yesterday, when after Little Guy’s swimming lesson I took the kids to Agway to pick up dog food. I was this close to telling them to wait in the car, but for some reason I didn’t.

Well, the bunny lady was back – of course, on the day before Easter – and we now have a new family member!

Welcome to the family, Squeaky!

Welcome to the family, Squeaky!

It would have been easy to say no. It would have been sensible and justified. But something in me thought, “life is short, and now and then you need to not think too hard, and just go for it.”

Although I know in the long run it will probably fall to me to take care of the bunny, for now, the kids have another family member to love and take care of. And that’s a good thing. 🙂



Happy Easter!