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I took a photo on my Saturday run this week. It got me started thinking about the amazing transformations Vermont goes through with each change of seasons.

Ahh, springtime in Vermont!

Ahh, springtime in Vermont!

Although the calendar says “spring”, in Vermont there is no guarantee it will feel that way. But I know that in a few short months, spring, or maybe even summer, will be here. And those classic Vermont barns will look more like this:


Of course, this spectacular transformation comes quite naturally in Vermont, with no apparent effort. It has me thinking about my own transformation I have gone through in the past few months. I have gone from someone who thought “if I just set a goal — like a late spring triathlon — surely I will lose these last 15-20 pounds”…

Me in January.

Me, just two short months ago.

Into a person who has lost most of that weight, and now has her eyes set on actually competing in, not just completing, that triathlon.

Me, today.

Me, today.

This transformation has not come easily, the way spring comes to Vermont. It has taken discipline to keep my head in the right place. But there have been rewards along the way, and it has been worth every ounce of effort. It has been worth it not because my clothes fit better, but because my body fits me better. That last picture is who I always thought I was. It is nice to have her back!

Thank you to all of you out there who inspire me to keep it up. Your stories remind me that I am not the only one to whom good health doesn’t always come easily. You know who you are!