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Tuesday Tally

Today is weigh-in day, so here are the my Tuesday Tallys:

Change since last Tuesday: -1.8 lb

Amount to goal weight: 1.8 lbs

Amount lost so far: 16.2 lbs

Weeks to Goal: 8

Average loss per week to achieve goal: -.23 lbs

I was very happy to see a good, solid number on the scale this morning. As I said last week, there is something comforting about a number, because it can’t be denied or warped – it is what it is. This week I more or less feel like I’ve made my goal (!) or at least the top end of the window I’ll be shooting for that would feel like success. As I get closer to my “official” goal, I am finding that I don’t really feel “done”. Which actually is great news to me! Let me explain…

What I am doing is not a diet. It’s a new way of being. The weight loss is just a side effect of making more positive choices in my life. This morning’s Deepak Chopra meditation was a perfect complement to how I am feeling about today’s tally, and about approaching my goal.

The focus was on building a matrix of things in your life that are healthy and FUN, so that making good, healthy decisions will be easy. It is not about denial of “bad” things, it is about embracing health. That is an attitude I can get into. It is an attitude that I am hoping will carry me well past my current goal, and into a new life that will be full of possibilities.

How is your weight loss life journey going?