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Tuesday Tally

Today is weigh-in day, so here are the my Tuesday Tallys:

Change since last Tuesday: -1 lb

Amount to goal weight: 3.6 lbs

Amount lost so far: 14.4 lbs

Weeks to Goal: 9

Average loss per week to achieve goal: -.4 lbs

I could just hit copy and paste on last week’s Tally and be done. “…I am picking away slowly at getting to my goal. A 1 lb weight loss is nothing remarkable, but it is still movement in the right direction, so I’ll take it…“. And so on. But, I have lost almost 15 lbs and that has taken me from a BMI of 26.4 (in the lower range of “overweight”) to 24 (the upper end of the “normal” range).

I realize these are just arbitrary numbers but there is something comforting about a number. It is what it is, and there is no denying its reality. For the past week, I think I have been moving out of the honeymoon phase of weight loss. When you first start to drop pounds, there is a really gratifying period of feeling “skinny”, no matter what your reality is. Your clothes get looser, your friends and family start noticing; it’s all a great feeling. And then one day you start to feel a little bloated, a little less light on your feet, and that is where numbers really start to matter. Although I don’t feel much different than I did five weeks ago, I am five pounds lighter than I was then. And there is no denying, this is a better place to be!

How is your weight loss journey going?