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A simple glass of water.

A simple glass of water.

I’ve been munchy lately. For the past few days, I have been craving all those bad habits I had that I thought I had left far behind. Sleeves of Saltines with the promise of crunchy emptiness (and just the right amount of salt) have been calling to me like Sirens from the pantry. A totally normal meal doesn’t really seem to satisfy me. I’ll admit it, I’ve been panicking a bit that all of this hard work I have put in to changing my habits may be for naught… when it dawned on me: just drink some water!

I realize I have let myself get dehydrated in the past week. Busy days at work, plenty of sweaty exercise, and not enough attention to fluid intake has, no doubt, left me thirsty. Except in that typical, irritating way, the body doesn’t always label the feeling as “thirst”, and instead confuses things so that what I think I am is “hungry”. But I am done being fooled, and I am learning to rationally look at the situation before jumping to conclusions. Just had a bowl of lamb stew? No, you’re not hungry… you’re thirsty!

I am relieved to have put my finger on the problem. Goal for the next week? Drink plenty of water. 🙂