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I enjoy cooking, but honestly most days (especially weekdays), I just don’t have time to pull together something creative and inspired. So, I am a big fan of one dish meals…

  • a little healthy protein (up to 4 oz).
  • some whole grain carbs (usually 1/2 cup cooked instant brown rice, but sometimes pasta).
  • lots and lots of sauteed vegetables (whatever I have on hand, but almost always including onion (I hear it’s a good diuretic, plus it has lots of flavor), zucchini, and celery. For some reason I love sauteed celery.
  • a handful of raw greens. Lately it’s been baby spinach, but I love herb blends too.
  • a little sauce. Usually about a teaspoon of pesto, but sometimes a use a bit of vinaigrette or salsa.
  • maybe a little cheese. Usually parmesan, but sometimes goat cheese crumbles, or diced avocado instead.

Basically, any combination of healthy foods I can throw together in one bowl and eat for dinner makes me happy.

A typical dinner in my house.

A typical dinner in my house.

A few of my favorite combinations:

  • Maple chicken sausage, sauteed vegetables, orzo, steamed, mashed cauliflower, tomatillo salsa, goat cheese (above; 346 calories)
  • Salmon (or a salmon burger), rice, sauteed vegetables, avocado, peach salsa
  • Ground turkey, rice, sauteed vegetables, pesto, parmesan cheese
  • Diced pork chop, tabouli, chopped tomatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, spinach

Of course, with semi-picky kids in the house it can be tricky; they don’t like their foods mixed together! But that’s a whole other story.

What are your favorite toss-together dinners?