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Tuesday Tally

Today is weigh-in day, and I am a little totally shocked at the loss this week! I woke up this morning, prepared for a weigh-in that I thought would show progress, but at the pound to pound-and-a-half rate I’ve been going at, at best. I thought it might even be possible that the scale would have stayed the same, because I don’t feel like my food choices have been super restrictive.

Without further ado, here are the my Tuesday Tallys:

Change since last Tuesday: -3.2 lbs (What!?! Step off scale, step on scale again… yup, 3.2 lbs)

Amount to goal weight: 5.6 lbs

Amount lost so far: 12.2 lbs

Weeks to Goal: 12

Average loss per week to achieve goal: -.5 lbs (I am feeling bold enough to say I think I might meet my goal early!)

So, what led to this drop? Well, I’ve been really diligent with food tracking and exercise. In total, I was pretty much right at my goal calorie intake for the week, after factoring in calories burned in exercise. On paper, this should have resulted in a 1 lb weight loss. But the body is mysterious, and the combination of trying some new workouts, and some inconsistent food days that led to a sort of calorie cycling approach, seems to have paid off!

But more than anything else, I think what it comes down to is I really have changed some habits, and that is building great momentum:

Eliminating mindless eating in the evenings. At first, not sitting on the couch in the evening watching tv and scarfing down pretzels/crackers/popcorn/ice cream seemed like a major lifestyle change. Now I recognize that habit for the emotional (boredom) eating that it is, it is much easier to avoid.

Only eating food. I know, sounds silly. I mean, what else would I have been eating but food? But what I mean is that I have more or less eliminated processed foods — especially snack foods — from my diet. Because really, they aren’t food! I used to have a handful (or four) of honey-wheat pretzels or Wheat Thins for a snack at work. No matter how much I ate I was never really satisfied, because my body was like “sheesh, enough of the simple carbs! Where’s the protein, the fiber, the essential fats???” So now I’ll have a small handful (like 15-20) raw almonds and an apple for a snack. Am I still tempted by my favorite crackers? Sometimes… but I know I can always have some with lunch, as a side to a healthy meal. But I haven’t even done that, yet.

Moderating my drinking. I am also drinking considerably less than I had been. Somehow in the past few years since having our second child, I had gone from not drinking (when pregnant), to a small glass of wine most nights (when nursing), to 1-2 glasses of wine most nights, to 2-3 glasses of wine (and maybe a beer or a vodka tonic) nearly every night. Wow, when I put it down in words, I realize that is a lot. And I never really thought it was. Not only was it an incredible amount of empty calories, but it was taking a noticeable toll on my sleep, general feeling of well being, and my poor liver.

I still enjoy a drink or two pretty regularly. But I generally don’t drink at all when we are home as a family on a “normal” weeknight. That was a hard habit to break; but that’s all it was: a habit. And when I am out with friends, I try to keep it reasonable, drink water between drinks, and try to only drink wine with meals (like a lot of women, I can easily keep refilling my wine glass and drink a lot more than I intended… so I try to switch to something else that doesn’t go down as fast, like a beer). I could probably write a whole blog about my relationship with alcohol… but that’s for another day. For now, suffice it to say that moderating my drinking has probably contributed as much or more than anything else to my weight loss.

For those of you losing weight, how is your journey going? What’s working for you now? Are you trying to bust through a plateau, or enjoying some successes? I’d love to hear from you!