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Since starting this blog I have naturally become more aware of other blogs, and other people on similar journeys. It makes me realize that although I have spent much of my life feeling athletic (not quite an athlete, but still, active and a little competitive), and even though I have never been really overweight, there is so much I don’t know about how to put together a really healthy diet and how to train to really increase fitness.

With a triathlon in a couple of months, along with a goal to lose about another 10 lbs by then, I feel like I am walking a tightrope between obsessive diet control and overtraining on the one side, and poor diet choices and lack of proper physical preparation on the other side.


Thank goodness for a few blogs that provide (at least seemingly) well-thought out advice on overtraining and finessing your diet for optimal health. For those concerned about overtraining, this post by Matt Fitzgerald is pretty great. It is specific enough to have some actionable takeaways, but also leaves room for the athlete to listen to their body and make their own best decisions. For those looking to enhance their understanding of how food affects our bodies (and I am not just talking weight here), I love Amanda Brooks’ Run to the Finish blog.

Let me know in the comments what blogs inspire and inform you; I would love to hear from you!