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Apparently yesterday was National Margarita Day. Or so I was told when we arrived at our neighbors’ house for a little Friday evening festivity, and suffice it to say, between the guacamole, chips, quesadillas and margaritas, I may have overdone it a bit.

To be honest, I was due for some indulgence, since I’ve been really focused on diet and fitness for the past month. Everyone needs to let loose once in a while, right? The key is to not let it derail you for more than a day or so. So today, I am hitting the reset button.

I started with a breakfast salad, and then Max and I headed out for an easy four-mile run.


There really is nothing like a run to clear a fuzzy head and make you feel like you’ve done your penance for yesterday’s “sins”. And Max is an awesome running partner!

Now, Daddo and The Lovely H have headed out to cross-country ski, The Boy is napping, and I am relaxing by the woodstove while it snows.


A snowy Saturday afternoon.

Looks like tomorrow might be another powder day, and having hit the reset button today, I’ll be ready for it!