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Just trying to keep it all in balance.

Just trying to keep it all in balance.

How does one create new, healthy eating and drinking habits without taking it too far? I mean, if reducing your calorie intake and upping your exercise to lose those extra pounds is good, then shouldn’t you try your hardest to reduce as much as you can, so that the weight comes off even faster?

It is hard for me to balance the desire to lose weight — to get to the destination — with the fact that really, I am trying to teach myself an entirely new way of living, one that I hope will last for decades beyond reaching my somewhat arbitrary “goal”.

For example, yesterday I worked out in the morning, and ate well all day. Reasonable meals, a healthy snack. But by the time I drove home from work, I was s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g. I had a good, healthy dinner and, considering my morning spin class, was still way under my goal calorie intake for the day.  Part of me was tempted to “bank it” for some unknown time in the future when I might overindulge. But I was still a little hungry. My body was trying to tell me, “hey, take it easy!”

I am realizing that I probably should, more or less, make sure I take in the recommended amount of calories for a healthy rate of weight loss. Otherwise, I’ll never be able to keep it up for the long haul.

Gotta respect what your body is telling you, right? That’s probably the best way to keep things in balance…

All that said, I might try calorie cycling in the next few weeks, but honestly that might take more planning than I am up for. Has anyone out there tried calorie cycling?