I know, “slog” is a terrible term for moving toward positive goals. But I feel my body actually getting used to this new mode of living — healthy eating and lots of exercise. In fact, I am getting so used to it that I think I might be facing a plateau (I’ll know more tomorrow when I weigh in). Or maybe I am getting just the tiniest bit lax in my approach (I did drink a bit more wine last night than I should have!), but I don’t think so. By the way, in my opinion, this is why a scale IS actually important!

Hopefully it’s all in my head, but in case it is not, here’s a little something I am going to tell myself for the next few days:


And with that in mind, I am off to the gym to put in my time on the treadmill before work…

How do you keep up your motivation when your fitness journey starts to feel like a slog?