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Saturday is a good day to reconnect with what motivates me. What keeps me focused on continuing this journey toward better fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I wasn’t sure what to write this morning so I just let the day go by. And sure enough, I had a great day full of just the kind of positive energy we all need to keep us on a good path. I went to my daughter’s first Bill Koch x-c ski race.

The Amazing H has always had a competitive streak. She’s always wanting to race, whether we are jogging down our dirt road, or ice skating, or skiing. But last night she woke up not feeling so great (lingering bug from last week), and we weren’t sure she would make it to her race today. Part of me thought “who cares, it’s a lollipop race for 7 year-olds… really it’s not the end of the world if we miss it.”

But it’s the only race this season, and I had promised to help out. So I suggested she just come check it out, and if she felt up to racing, she could. Of course, the fresh air, sunshine, and enthusiastic friends worked their magic, and Little H queued up a the starting line with everyone else. As she bolted from the line, I saw a strong, determined young woman – not my 7 year old daughter! She gave the 10 minute race her all, pushing right through the finish line.

photo_hannah race

She wanted to compete, and it got me thinking about how a little healthy competition can motivate us to push beyond our comfort zone and take it to the next level.

Last night, I asked a good friend to join me in the triathlon in May. She’s an amazing swimmer, and the kind of person who can pull off a solid bike ride and run without a lot of preparation. I know she’ll crush me in the swim, and I can only hope to keep up in the rest of the race if I really do my homework for the next three months. I haven’t gotten a for sure “yes” yet, but I plan to keep bugging her. After all, a little competition is a good thing for everyone.

I hope you all had a great day too!