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Earlier this week I mentioned that I tend to run too much when I am trying to lose some weight, because it is one workout where I really feel like I am trying my hardest. But since I don’t want to get injured again, and I am going to officially start triathlon training soon, I decided to check out the Startrac bikes at the gym:

Spin bike by Startrac

Spin bike by Startrac

Did you know that they actually make spin bikes now with live video coaches?? I did a 40 minute interval workout, on my own time, with the advice and encouragement of a “virtual coach.” I waffled between thinking “this is pretty cool” and trying not to laugh because the video dude was way more chipper than any spin instructor I’ve seen. That’s him:

But it was fun, engaging, easy on my feet and challenging everywhere else. It was a great discovery for me, and I’ll be definitely working in a video-coached spin class into my weekly regimen.

How do you balance your workouts get the most out of them?