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heart rocks

Okay, since it is Valentine’s Day, I am going to make this quick.

It is very easy to get psyched about a new hobby (blogging!) and a new bunch of acquaintances (other bloggers!). But it’s also important (really important) not to let that new stuff push aside the good things you already have going (a great family! fitness! time to be outdoors!).

Luckily, I am the early riser in my family so I can fit in my blogging early, drinking my coffee while everyone else snoozes. I am having so much fun with it that I could easily let it start taking over much more time than it should. So, my Balancing Act for this week is to say “happy Valentine’s Day!” to everyone out there, and keep this short and sweet.

By the way, for those who like follow up, my deep-breathing promise from last week worked pretty well! Definitely going to keep it up.