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Tuesday Tally

Today is weigh-in day, so here are the my Tuesday Tallys:

Change since last Tuesday: -1.8 lbs (I’ll take it!)

Amount to goal weight: 10.2 lbs

Amount lost so far: 7.8 lbs

Weeks to Goal: 14

Average loss per week to achieve goal: -.07 lbs (seeming more attainable by the week!)

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am starting to recognize the patience, persistence, and repetition required to change habits. I feel I am really starting to hit my stride. Here is what is working for me now:

1. Tracking my food. I am using the LoseIt app on my phone. Super convenient (it even scans barcodes!), and I am being really diligent. It is too easy to go into denial if you don’t write EVERYTHING down.

2. Prioritizing exercise. I am lucky that exercise has always been a part of my life. My parents were always a little bit mystified by how dedicated my brother and I are to getting in regular workouts, but the reality is they raised us waterskiing, downhill skiing, ice skating, and we had a neighborhood perfect for tearing around on our bikes. My husband also makes exercise a priority and keeps himself in great shape. But life gets busy and it would be easy to let exercise slip. I typically think 24-48 hours ahead to strategize what I will do and when I will do it. Bob Harper DVDs, running, cross-country skiing, and Wii Dance (seriously so fun!) are my go-to workouts. In the past week, I spent a total of 6 hours and 15 minutes working out. I have two little kids and work 32 hours/week. Granted, my house isn’t always that clean, but I’d rather have a healthy body than a perfect house.

3. Blogging! Honestly, this blog has been incredibly motivating. I still haven’t really shared it with the outside world… just fellow WP’ers, but I find the community pretty encouraging. So thank you!

So, should I share this blog through FB, etc.? What do you do?