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As I was reading A Charlie Brown Christmas to Little Guy tonight (yes, I know it’s February, but I guess he doesn’t!) for the hundredth (thousandth?) time, I was thinking about patience, persistence, and repetition. About how as I read him books, cart him to school, encourage him to pick out his own clothes, day in and day out, he is slowly growing up. These good habits require a fair bit of patience and persistence, but it is something you do without question for someone you love.

It is not so different when you think about personal growth and improvement as an adult. It takes patience, persistence, and repetition to keep your body healthy, allow your mind to grow, and to keep yourself centered and on a good track. It takes effort to think ahead about what you might eat during the day, or where you’ll fit in a workout in between work, shuttling kids, grocery shopping, and cooking for the family. It takes persistence to keep it up day after day, especially when getting started, since old habits can be so tough to break, and so easy to fall back into. It takes repetition of these new routines to see results.

Establishing new habits requires a fair bit of patience and persistence, but like we do for our kids, you’ll do it without question for someone you love (yes, I mean yourself. Or myself. You get my drift.).