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8:25 a.m check-in:

I went to bed early last night, totally looking forward to a good night’s rest, so the fam could take advantage of a beautiful Sunday to ski in all that fresh snow we just got. But Little H, who has been complaining of a vague stomach ache for the last few days, started throwing up at midnight, and was up every hour or two after.  She seems to be past it now, but not sure we are going to make it skiing. So, in an effort to seize (or at least salvage) the day, I think I might go for a run…

5:45 p.m. update:

I did not end up going running. It hadn’t really dawned on me to go cross-country skiing until Daddo suggested it. We have some great trails right near our house and with the fresh snow, it was just what the doctor ordered. Max joined me.


He seemed to be enjoying himself!

The views were beautiful…


And there were even a few early signs of spring, like the incredible amount of wood ready at the neighborhood sugar shack for sugaring season!


It was a lovely morning, and was all I needed to get my head in the right place to hang with one sick kid and one non-napping kid. Daddo took his turn to x-c ski with a friend and I took the kids to the pool. H didn’t get in the water today, but Little Guy had fun.


And now a chicken is roasting in the oven while I write this. H seems to be feeling a little better. All in all, a day that could have been a bummer has turned out pretty good. Sometimes, when your plans get sidelined, you just have to make the best of it. Now we all just need a really good night’s sleep!

How did you make the best of your day today?