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Fridays are a great day to revisit thoughts and motivations for keeping fit. With the weekend around the corner, it is easy to go into “weekend mode” and start slipping on all of the good things we’ve done all week. So, it seemed serendipitous that I have such a current fitness topic to share — my “how to love your workout: skiing edition”!

Anyone within a 1,000 miles of the east coast knows we are getting pummeled by a big Nor’easter today. I woke up this morning and before it was light could tell it would be a good day to ski. Marvelous Max, however, would rather still be in bed:


I glanced at the forecast. Yep, about perfect!

photo weather

Daddo was kind enough to take the kids to school (he’s skiing now…). So I made it up to the parking lot nice and early:

photo lot

A sure sign of a good powder day is when the only photos are taken from the lift. Otherwise, we are too busy SKIING!!

photo me

And that, my friends, is How To Love Your Workout. It’s not so tough. Find something you love to do. And, even though you can’t do it all the time (not every day can be a powder day *sigh*), you’ll be motivated on all those other days to just do what you need to do, so that when you get to do what you love to do, you can do it!

What’s your favorite workout?