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In the past my self-improvement efforts have always been focused on one issue at a time. And it’s almost always my weight. I will focus with singular effort on losing those last 10-15-20 lbs, and, that mission accomplished, everything else will fall into place.

I figure if I am at the weight I want, I will have more patience with my kids, will be better to the people I care about, will be more satisfied with my work. Skinny people don’t have real problems, right? Ha!

But I’ve had a revelation. I need to focus on all of those things, all at once, to accomplish with any real success, the goal of getting to and staying at a truly healthy weight. If I am impatient with my kids I might eat out of guilt. If my body doesn’t feel healthy I’ll be grouchy with my husband. If I don’t feel satisfied with work, I’ll be less patient with my kids. And on the cycle goes. So, while my mind is still fixated on losing those last 12 pounds, I am realizing I need to also focus on the rest.

So, I am stepping it up and widening my focus to more than just my weight. It ALL has to matter, if any of it is going to matter at all.