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I cannot believe this is just dawning on me, at 40+ years old! Really, it is news to me, that people who are healthy do NOT actually eat all the time. I just started noticing in the past few months. There was a time (like, for the last 39 years…) when I could justify my constant noshing by seeing a skinny* person at a party eating a cookie, and say to myself, well, she eats this kind of stuff, why can’t I?

But the thing is, that is probably the ONLY thing she ate at the party, and definitely not seven of them! I am realizing this now. Yesterday at the mountain Daddo and I were sitting with a few other parents in the lodge after skiing, having a drink. One of the moms bought two heaping bowls of curly fries for the kids who were filtering into the lodge at the end of the day. She told us all to help ourselves, and then sat back, and didn’t eat a single one. Three months ago, I probably would have eaten nearly half, hoping that no one would notice I was stealing all the kids’ fries! And I would have kidded myself into thinking I’d only had a few like all the other adults, because I was only having one at a time. But still… a lot of fries.

My determination to stay focused on getting to a healthier life, lose some weight, and keep it off forever, has me tracking everything I put into my mouth. So, yesterday, I didn’t have any fries at the lodge. I didn’t need them just because they were in front of me. And neither did the other healthy adults. It’s amazing what you notice when you are ready to see. Are the people around me behaving differently? No. I am.

*Hey, just so you know, when I say “skinny”, I mean fit, healthy, strong. I don’t mean waifishly-starved-half-to-death. So, yeah, I want to be skinny/fit/healthy/strong.