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Sunday is a day when my mind starts wandering to the week ahead, but one of the many new leaves I am (trying…) turning over is to spend more time living in the moment. So I’m going to start the second half of my weekends with “Seize the Day Sunday”.  As much as I love love love my job and as much as I would probably slowly lose my mind without the structure of a work week, kids schedules, and all that, I need to seize my Sundays to enjoy more time with family doing fun things.

Each Sunday is unique, but here are the common elements that make up a day well lived for me:

1. Time with Family. Today will be skiing… The Lovely H (daughter) has her school ski program on Sunday afternoons. She gets to ski with friends, and Daddo and I can spend time teaching Little Guy to ski.


2. Noticing the beauty around me. Hard to believe, but in Vermont it is possible to stop noticing the mountains. But a sight like this is a good reminder of what an amazing place we live in…


3. A little exercise. Maybe some yoga today since Bob Harper has been kicking my butt for the last few days! This is the only picture I have of me doing anything resembling yoga…


Oh right, and the Super Bowl is tonight!

How will you seize the day today?

By the way, I might play with my blog theme in the coming weeks. I am not sure I love the one of I have started with. For anyone following, let me know what you think. Thanks!