A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Okay, today I am taking step one… I don’t know where this will go (!) but I have decided to take the leap-before-I-look (or think) approach to this blog. I am ready to tackle some persistent issues in my life, and I’ve already gotten started with some success. But I’m going to need support and accountability to make it stick… and this time it IS going to stick!

Here is where I am trying to improve:

  • I want to lose weight. Not a lot, but I know I feel a LOT better at about 15 lbs less than my current weight. I’m done having kids, I have an incredibly fit and supportive husband – really, I have no excuses not to get where I want to be.
  • I need to cure my weird relationship with food. Boredom, tiredness, stress… I need to find other ways to deal with these emotional triggers besides scarfing down a box of crackers! Ideas are WELCOME — please share!
  • I need to breathe a little slower on most days. I have two little-ish kids. I work. Nuf said.

In short, I will strive for balance in my life.

I’ll post about these subjects separately and in combination in the coming weeks. Not sure if I can manage daily, but that’s my goal. I’m going to (gulp) post my weigh-in stats on Tuesdays. Goal #1… to lose 15 more lbs by mid-May. The goal was 18 lbs a few weeks ago, so I am already on my way 🙂

What parts of your life could use a tuneup?